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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No fossil fuel required to tow this tiny RV

Well, if this isn't about the "greenest" little travel trailer we have ever seen! No gasoline required to pull it. This tiny RV makes a teardrop trailer look huge. So what is it? Watch the video to find out.


  1. Looks like an Old Fossil" is powering the rig.

  2. Where are the water and electric hookups?

  3. A chance to try your coffin' before you need it. It will be very conformable on a hot night.

  4. Well it would protect you from the rain and the animals! One does wonder how much effort is required to tow it -- granted, a recumbent bike is pretty efficient, but I can't help but note that the front of the trailer needs more streamlining. One could always carry a pop-up tent in the trailer to make a bug-free "front room" for the sleeping area.

  5. If only a sleeping chamber existed that was made of a flexible material that could be collapsed, rolled up, and easily stored. I bet it would weight much less than that contraption.

  6. 8:03 AM:

    That would be called a "TENT".

    Where you just being ironic, and already realized this?

    In the far past, tents used to be the only way to camp. Now they're mostly used by hard-core backpackers.

  7. Cute idea, but what if someone steels the bike with you sleeping in the trailer??


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