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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiny travel trailer can be pulled by motorcycle or small car

Trailers don't get much smaller than this one, which is designed to be pulled behind a motorcycle or a small car. For one or two people who want to sleep above the ground and not on it, this tiny tent trailer might be the perfect RV. It only weighs 265 pounds unloaded, so it won't take much power to tow it down the highway. Watch this demonstration of how the RV is set up and then taken down -- a very simple, speedy process.


  1. Hi Chuck,
    Love your selection of RV Videos and was wondering if we could be featured on your site. Check us out at

    Here is our Launch Video

  2. Last summer we saw a tent trailer for a motorcycle that was not much more than a foot high when folded. It flipped open front to rear, which erected a tent over a double berth. That is about as small as you can get.

  3. This is nothing new, about 90 percent of the members of our GoldWing club pull tent trailers. I was one of the very few in the NW pulling a tent trailer back in "78", then it was rare to see a utility trailer let alone a tent trailer and beleive it or not I still have that same trailer although I've had to rebuild the frame and box.

  4. I am looking for a small storage compartment that I could tow. It would be nice to offer the same unit with other applications besides a tent camper. This unit looks very tasteful and should sell well!


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