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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An out of this world RV -- motorhome for the Moon!

Wow! A motorhome for the moon! This is the prototype of a new RV that Moon astronauts may use to explore the lunar surface. NASA is sending a prototype of this new lunar rover with living quarters to the Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20. So keep your eyes open whether you are along the parade route or watching on television.

The adaptable vehicle features pivoting wheels that enable "crab style" movement to help the rover maneuver through difficult spots. The SPR consists of a Mobility Chassis and an SPR cabin module. The SPR could be delivered to the lunar surface as a pre-integrated unit or as separate elements.

The cabin's modular design enables it to be placed on a chassis. The Mobility Chassis can be configured in an unpressurized rover (UPR) configuration, with astronauts in spacesuits riding in rotating turrets and can also be used without the pressurized module. Astronauts may also ride in the turrets with the SPR in place, minimizing time for suit changes. The modular design will also allow attachment of various tools that may be needed on a particular mission, such as winches, cable reels, backhoes and cranes.

Use of the SPR would enable the exploration of a far greater range of surface area. With two or more pressurized rovers, the potential range from the astronaut's habitat would be more than 145 miles compared to Apollo’s six miles.

If you want one of these. . . well, don't expect to get anywhere fast. Its cruising speed is about six miles per hour.

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  1. You better take long AAA and Good same,But you should find plenty of SPACE to park it.(Even on Holidays)You may find service stations out of this world.You may find the price of Gas high,do to the Delivery distance.


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