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Monday, December 22, 2008

Homer Simpson buys an RV

This three-minute clip from the Simpson's TV show is very funny. Watch Homer as he and the family buy an RV -- or try to buy an RV. The salesmen. . . well, some people would say he's not too far from the real thing. Laughs aplenty guaranteed.


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  2. Hey, why can't I view this in Canada? We second class citizens or what? LOL

  3. Bob -- Living in Canada would have nothing to do with whether or not you could view this. You might want to try a different web browser.

  4. Because of this *VERY* segment of the Simpsons, we named our big ole 1972 Winnebago THE ULTIMATE BEHEMOTH!! No kidding! It was about 1991 when we bought it. We painted the name and the Simpson family on the spare tire cover. We found plates, cups, tablecloths, oven mitts etc. all in the Simpsons motif. Our kids even wore Simpson Tshirts and joggiing suits when we camped in our Own Ultimate Behemoth!

    (heh heh six deep fryers, one for each part of the chicken)

    Karen and Steve Pfundtner

  5. Chuck, this message I get when I try to load your video. Am I getting some kind of virus??? "Hulu is committed to making its content available worldwide. To do so, we must work through a number of legal and business issues, including obtaining international streaming rights. Know that we are working to make this happen and will continue to do so. Given the international background of the Hulu team, we have both a professional and personal interest in bringing Hulu to a global audience.

    If you'd like, please leave us your email address and the region in which you live, and we will email you when our videos are available in your area."


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