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Friday, August 15, 2008

Why an RV trip is more affordable than traveling another way

In this entertaining six-minute promotional video from Coachmen, see why traveling by RV is still a whole lot more affordable than traveling by other means. This video makes a case for the continued appeal of RV travel, even with today's high fuel prices. You'll enjoy this.


  1. I enjoyed the video. Since we are fulltimers we have already figured out the cost of a house vs fifth wheel and we are way below cost in our fifth wheel. We eat in and see as many sight as possible when on the road. we pay for seasonal CG and are able to save $$$ each month. thanks for the info. Karl and lois

  2. O'course they don't include the cost of the RV, insurance, maintenance, etc. Extra costs for vacationers who own a house already. For us fulltimers, those costs don't matter, "and the livin' is easy." :>


  3. O’course they don’t include the cost of the RCV, maintenance, insurance, etc. Gotta figure those costs for the vacationer with a house. For us fulltimers, like Karl and Lois said, those costs rank lower than a house, “and the livin’ is easy.” :>

  4. The numbers seem to be really skewed and exaggerated, but one would expect this from an RV manufacturer. There seems to be a lot of hand-waving going on.

    Note that they state the figures for the RV are only for a 1200 mile trip. A week-long “driving trip” could easily be twice or more that mileage. Also the $1250 dollars for 5 nights lodging - $250 a night - sounds really high. Even in a resort area, at least in off season; you could probably find something respectable for not much more than half that cost. In a non-resort area, you could probably get something decent in the $70-90 range. Some campgrounds do indeed cost $25 a night or less, but others can run $40 or even $50 a night. $145 for a restaurant bill would be only for the most expensive restaurants. You can eat most of your meals at a fast-food place, or buy sandwiches at the grocery store - at only $4-5 a person per meal. This is usually possible even when you’ve flown to a destination.

    Some of the video is downright silly. Of course, no one in their right mind is going to build a fire in the middle of their hotel room. (Although, you might find a room or cabin with a fireplace in it.) The portrayal of the security checks are done in a humorous way, but also seem exaggerated and be intended to play on people’s hidden fears.

    For the first few years, a new RV depreciates at several thousand dollars a year. And you must include the cost of insurance, repairs and maintenance for the RV; as well as the gas. Add on the payments and financing costs, which must be paid whether you’re using the RV, or it’s just sitting there. All that money would buy a lot of week-long trips to Kauai. And you only pay for the airplane when you’re going someplace in it.


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