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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New car is powered by water

Now that gas has passed $4 a gallon, there’s lot of chatter about alternative fuels, both for cars and RVs. The latest example comes from the Japanese company Genepax which claims that it's devised a system that consists of a fuel cell and a so called energy generator. The energy generator is claimed to consume water and breaks it down to hydrogen and oxygen which is fed to the fuel cell. While fuel cells are well understood and are known to work, the hydrogen generator is the issue.

As explained in an article from Reuters, hydrogen can actually be separated from water quite easily with no energy input. Just put a piece of aluminum in into some water and hydrogen will be release as the surface of the aluminum oxidizes. The problem, Reuters reports, is that such processes are not sustainable. Once the surface of the aluminum is fully oxidized, the reaction stops. After this, the material needs to be reprocessed so it can be used again. This part requires significant energy input. Genepax has not revealed details of its process, however it is believed to be along these lines. While the converted Reva electric car may indeed be able to run on water for a short time with no external inputs other than water, it's not clear how long that can actually happen. It may turn out that Genepax has come out with something revolutionary. More likely, says Reuters, "it is only showing part of the big picture right now and we aren't seeing the other part of the process that regenerates the energy generator."


  1. I have been working on one of those HHO generators that you can find about at
    I have to get up and running on my old pickup before I make any changes to my 8 mpg RV.
    They clam up to 50% increase in gas mileage.

  2. Now we know why the guy in MI with the same claims was running a "hybrid".
    This "technology" ain't there yet—we will see many more pipe dreams promoted before we transition out of our reliance on oil.
    In the meantime, more supply is critical to the health of the world economy.

  3. Years ago, John Deer made the 2 cylinder tractors that ran on kerosene & water. The kerosene combustion combined with water made additional steam and increased fuel efficiency. We certainly might explore this further in comparison.


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