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Friday, April 11, 2008

RVer Cindy has another boring day

Cindy is on the road in a Flair motorhome with hubby Rick, cruising down the highway toward Winters, Calif., which she says is "a boring drive." Next stop is Rio Vista, which Cindy says is six blocks long and "pretty much has nothing." Cindy then says that her mother had an operation, and that the countryside where she and Rick are driving now is mostly "not a whole lot," but there are a bunch of cows. Cindy is pretty darn cute, but she sure does seem bored. We hope her mom is better.


  1. Perhaps if they had stopped and helped that "troubled" Airstream instead of blowing by it with a "Hmph!" their day would have had more purpose. Sorry Cindy, listening to you could make a long trip a lot longer.

  2. I agree with you Jim. "None are so blind as those who refuse to see."

    Amazing difference to click on Jim Twamley's link above and then click on this one.

  3. The area she is refering to has a lot of interesting stuff, not boring! The only thing boring in the video is a bored Cindy.

  4. I have to disagree with Cindy. The trip between Winters and Rio Vista is a beautiful drive; the countryside in the spring is richly green with brilliant colors superimposed. If I ever need a "downer," I'll listen to Cindy's negative, boring description of her trips. After all, adventure is where you find it!

  5. So sorry for you (Cindy's Husband). Not only do you have to do all the driving but you have to listen to that drivell the whole time. Poor bored Cindy needs some excitement in her travels. She needs an attitude adjustment.

  6. I agree with everyone else, Cindy herself is pretty boring. If anyone finds RV travel boring, perhaps they should stay home. I find every small town more interesting than the last and am happy I'm free to travel freely around this beautiful country. God Bless America!


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