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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lab test: Which type of RV siding is toughest?

Here is a fascinating video from Coachmen in which a laminated sidewall and a "Stick 'N Tin" wall are tested for strength. Tennis balls, then softballs and then hardballs are fired at each RV's surface at increasing speeds. One wall survives, the other destructs with frightening ease. Which wall survives when a hardball is pitched at it at major league velocity? Watch the video.


  1. I get a message stating this video is no longer available. Al

  2. NO problem viewing it at 8:30 Am PDT.
    I am happy that I have the fiberglass/aluminum frame, bonded walls.

  3. Notice they do not compare repair cost???? Weight, enviromental impact? Fade in the sun? .........

  4. As a structural engineer, the real problem is hidden damage that you can't see until you have a catastrophic failure, then you have whole walls seperating as you drive down the road!!

  5. They didn't mention delamination, those big blisters you see on the sides of almost every two year old or older laminated RV where the glue is letting go. Take a wheelbarrow full of money with you when you go to the repair shop.

  6. Looks like a LOT of "anonymous" comments by the competition... I think the video speaks for itself. I wish they would test their walls against other laminated wall systems.


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