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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Consider how you camp when choosing size of RV editor Chuck Woodbury urges RVers to consider how and where they like to camp when considering the size of an RV to purchase. As Woodbury points out, longer RVs may not always fit into public campground campsites including those in National Forests, State Parks and National Parks.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how true it is when traveling the back country of Western Canada Provincial and National Parks. Many great sites were built in the 60's for dry camping and the roadways to these site are often twisty and steep making it rough for long units. I chose a 30 year old 20 ft 'C' Class Winniebago that I retrofitted to handle my outings into the Alpine areas during the shoulder months by adding the best improvement for comfort by adding at least a 85 watt Solar Panel and two 6V deep cycle batteries to handle the drain from the furnace motor. My next RV purchase would be a fully winterized unit that is, thermo pane windows, an enclosed water system and a bed that has access on both sides but keeping less than 27 ft. Shorter the better.


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