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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Couple heads off for first night in new RV

A couple drives away their new motorhome from the dealership to the campground where they set up for their very first night in the new rig. This fast paced, three-minute video with a dash of humor is a good example of what the RV lifestyle is all about.


  1. Very cute! Nice to have such a great memento of that first trip... Great music!

  2. Awsome, wish I had the brains to do that - the video that is. We do RV!!

  3. Good music. I found nothing cute or humourous about that clip. Might have been okay if there had not been the playing for the camera bits in it.

  4. I think that we all remember that first time out by ourselves (as adults). Seems like only yesterday. My first time, I somehow forgot my water hose, but some really nice folks loaned me one. Seems really stupid now, but was really traumatic then.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing the video. I brought back wonderful memories of our first time out just a few years ago. Something will always happen and later you look back and have a wonderful laugh.


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