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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another motorhome goes up in flames

The first sign of trouble in this two-minute video is the big plume of black smoke ahead on the highway. Soon, the two men in the car realize the smoke is coming from an RV, and it's on fire. The traffic moves slowly forward as rubber-necking motorists watch the drama. As the two men pass, their camera rolling, they get a closeup view of the late model motorhome, already half burned and on its way, apparently, to ashes. Many RV fires are being documented lately and posted to the Web, serving as a huge reminder to RVers to make sure they respect the potential for fire in their rigs, and to double check that they are carring one or more fire extinguishers. . . just in case. CLICK THE VIDEO TO PLAY.

1 comment:

  1. It happens that on Aug 2, 2007 while enroute to the BAC rally in Prineville Oregon our 2002 40ft Beaver developed an engine fire.

    It only took 30 seconds and about 200 yards from first sign of problem to being totally engulfed.

    Luckly no one was hurt and our two dogs were saved as well.

    We were helped by so many kind people that stopped out of concern.

    Our heart felt Thanks to all who stopped or just kept us in their prayers.


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