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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mt. Rushmore. . . as you have never seen it!

Have you visited South Dakota's Mt. Rushmore? It's one of the favorite tourist attractions for RVers. But whether you have been to the famous Black Hills monument or not, we guarantee you have never seen it like it is here. . . and never will again (unless you play this video twice!).


  1. This would have been great if their lips were in sinc. Too bad they couldnt get that right.

  2. Their lips are not in sinc. To bad this could have been great.

  3. Oh Pleeeeeease....people are complaining about their lips!!! I love it

  4. I loved it and I think it was sinced pretty good. We just left Mt.Rushmore and I would love to add this to my pictures. Any body know how?

  5. Wow that took a whole lot of hard work and talent! But I think the singers should have been given a by line and credit. Very nice harmonies!

  6. Someone worked really hard on this and I think it's great!


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