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Friday, June 22, 2007

Yet another RV gets destroyed for fun

Why is it that people enjoy destroying RVs so much? The number one method besides using a motorhome in a Destruction Derby is by crashing a car at high speed right into the side of an old RV. In this case, the RV is a travel trailer. Can't people be more creative?


  1. Was this prank vandalism, destroying other people's property?

    In this case, could the person owning the travel trailer get his money back in the courts? Many people can identify cars pretty well, and people too.

    It makes me worry very much because we have an older RV. We like it, and it fits us; the new big ones are too hard or impossible for me to climb in, and cost too much money for us to buy and keep up with the gas prices and camping fees and things.

  2. What a waste of a good RV..

  3. You do realize that this was staged with what likely was a completed gutted RV shell.

  4. I personaly don't see much humor in this. Just hope they cleaned up their mess when they were through.

  5. Staged or not staged, don't these morons know that people will PAY MONEY to buy older RVs? Older RV sales outnumber new ones and small travel trailers are a hot item right now.

  6. This type of entertainment is so stupid....and also a waste of GAS & reuseable materials...
    Can't people think of a better way to demolish old campers...there are a lot of people looking for old parts, which could prove to be profitable & more constructive...
    These types of NEGATIVE activities are what's wrong with this world...
    Some people are influenced by these types of activities...
    People involved with distructive acts are immencely influencing people to be more & more hateful & destructive...
    Recycling could be a more positive way to deal with old RV's....
    I just don't understand why some people have to be so destructive....
    If they destroy old Rv's, what else will they destroy???


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