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Friday, June 1, 2007

Motorhome or train?

In this three minute video, a couple prepares their motorhome for travel as Willie Nelson sings "On the Road Again," which begs the question: "How many home videos can be set to this tune before everyone is thorougly sick of hearing it?" Anyway, this video is downright boring for the first two minutes, but the final scene, where the rig negotiates a driveway with its tow vehicles (yes, plural!) makes one wonder, "Is this legal?" See for yourself.


  1. looks to be over the legal length limit, alos i bet there is no brake system operating in the buggy. the streeta in the yuma foothills area are wide. good thing. anybody know how far they made it???

  2. It's legal in some areas but only for specific combinations. i.e. truck, 5th wheel & boat.

  3. Once was a convoy commander from MCAS Yuma to MCAS El Toro and the wrecker had to tow a tractor trailer that broke down just east of San Diego. O.K., but then a 6x6 towing a water buffalo broke down outside San Juan Capistrano so, you guessed it, that Sergeant towed a four-unit combo behind his wrecker the final 20 or so miles...
    Semper Fi!

  4. It could have been a legal load, depending on what state it was in. Looked like an Oregon plate on the buggy though. They do allow triples in Oregon. I'm sure the tandm axle trailer had brakes and the buggy wasn't required to have them. (while in tow that is)???

  5. In canada the combination is no more then 55 feet. As long as its lighted its fair game


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