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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stuck: Will this motorhome get rescued?

A class A motorhome is stuck in the soft dirt of what appears to be a dry lakebed. A pickup truck tries to pull it out in this two-minute video. The question is: will the pickup succeed? Watch and find out.


  1. What an idiot!!!!! how much damage did he do to the truck and whiplash to people! Properand safer tecnique would be turtle slow.

  2. Ever heard of a "jerk strap"? It is designed to stretch and give way, and "slowly" bring the strap to full tension. Can't tell i fthat is what they are using, but sometimes slow and gentle doesn't work. If he connected the strap to solid frame components, he didn't do any damage.

  3. Looks like a "Jerk Strap". Have used this method many times and it works. Slow will a unloaded truck will never get the job done.

  4. I got my 33 ft M/H stuck in mud next to a lake last year. Tried to pull it out with my jeep Wrangler. That didn't work, so I blocked up my wheels and used my winch. That got it out of mud enough for the wife to drive it the rest of the way out. That winch paid for it self that day.

  5. Been there, done that.

    Particularly in soft beach sand, on several different occasions. (A fool never learns.) Got my fairly-deeply-dug-in small class C free, using just a Toyota 4WD mini-truck.

    The "jerk strap" multiplies the pulling force several times. They will extract vehicles, when a steady pull will do absolutely nothing.

    But what he is doing wrong; is spinning his wheels for several seconds after the motorhome stops moving. This just digs the extracting vehicle deeper in, to a point where it can get stuck, too. As soon as the motorhome stopped moving, he should have backed up again, and made another lunge.

    Boards under the wheels also are a big help. We usually carry some with us, when going to the beach or expecting to encounter sand. A good hi-lift jack with a board underneath it to support it, also works wonders.

  6. What a bunch of idiots! With all those people standing around, why not PUSH. Must have been over six that I counted. Real no brainer!

  7. Best to scout the area first to ensure good parking on solid ground.

  8. Similar situation, my 34' Winnie Class A, slipping on ice on a sloping turnout. Wheel spin had rear drifting toward railing! Jeep in tow, so wife, using 4WD, STILL in tow, PUSHED me onto dryer area, and we proceeded! Whew!

  9. We carry a "come a long" and use the truck for an anchor.


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