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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Have motorhome, will travel (for dinner with you!)

Mark Horowitz's cell phone number is 510-872-7326. He would like you to call him and invite him to dinner. Ever since Horowitz's phone number was publicly exposed on a piece of furniture in a Crate and Barrel store catalog, his phone has been ringing. And what Horowitz wants to do is meet with those who call for dinner. Here's a fascinating five-minute mini-documentary about why he does it, how he came up with the idea, and then some highlights of his meals with strangers. Horowitz travels from dinner engagement to dinner engagement in an old mini-motorhome.


  1. Marc, your adventure is facinating and fantastic. I admire your imagination and ability to meet and dine with complete strangers. I wish you all of the best!

  2. What a great idea! Ever so much better to live your life by putting yourself out there. Wish you were in Ohio. Well, next time we are in Califorina, we will give you a call. I make a great Tequila chicken pasta! Barbara and George

  3. You are wonderful! You are out there proving what I've always believed. There are ALOT of great people out there. Thankx for your "crazy" courage. It is people like you that make the world such a wonderful place.

  4. What a great way to live! Great way to see the country, Meet a variety of people, and sample various styles of foods. Would be terrific if you hit the east coast.
    Good luck with your adventure



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