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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dawn drives a big motorhome, but nervously

Dawn is driving a big ol' Class A motorhome for the first time. She and her two traveling partners are crossing Texas. Dawn is pretty darn apprehensive about the whole driving thing. "I feel like I'm in a very large automobile," she says. While one travel partner rides shotgun, the other sips a cocktail from the coach section, offering commentary. Dawn gets pretty nervous as she passes a big truck. If you're thinking about driving a motorhome and are a little nervous about the idea, then maybe watching Dawn do it will give you some encouragement. Or not!


  1. I wonder what that gal in the back walking around would do if the driver had to slam on the brakes. Maybe she'd wave as she went through the windshield.

  2. For those of us that only pull a Pop-up we thought this was great. Very informative.
    Thanks for sharing this. We think you did just fine Dawn!

    Heidi & Paul

  3. Dawn deserves a lot of applause for driving. I'm still trying to get up enough nerve. Every time I think I'll try it, we enter a "construction area" and I change my mind.

  4. This is a good argument for requiring some kind of training to drive a Class A. If I'm in a car with my family, I don't want to be on the road with people white-knuckling it at the wheel of a giant bus that could crush us all. If she gets startled and makes a panic driving reaction, people could get seriously hurt. Oy.

  5. My class A is my home, I take driving it very seriously. Nervous laughter is one thing, ignorance of what you're doing isn't acceptable.

  6. Not only the gal walking around but Dawn does not have her seat belt on. Personally I think all class A and C drivers should have to pass a test before they are allowed on the road.

  7. A graphic lesson in why no one should be allowed behind the wheel of a MH without any training. So much wrong here that it would take all day to cover it. Poor hand position, no visible seat belt, open bottle in vehicle, loose passenger, wrong seating position, bad wheel position ETC ETC ETC.

  8. I agree with what's been said above. I just stumbled on this video. What amazes me is that there are not more accidents involving motorhomes. I am considering purchasing a motorhome and believe there should be mandatory training and at least an additional condition on the drivers license if not a full CDL before allowing someone to legally drive one. I wonder if anybody knows of a good driving course for larger rigs like this?

  9. Where do you draw the line for more licensing? Licensing will become nothing more than another tax grab. We don't need more restrictions but more Common-Sense.

  10. I agree with the others about the stupidity of these people. There are classes for learning to drive MHs. These people are an accident looking to happen.

  11. I learned the exact same way Dawn did and within 15 minutes, I knew exactly how to handle my 37' coach.

    Difference between me and Dawn and how could I learn so quickly and easily? READING READING READING - BEFORE getting behind the wheel. I watched videos, read articles, looked at forums! And...had an experienced truck driver with me the first trip!

    My passengers are allowed to get up and roam about at their own risk and must let me know before they do so. I don't allow them to stand for long periods of time and languish about the bus. Only allowed to get up for snacks, potty trips, etc., then back down and buckled.

    I am a woman driver which shouldn't make a difference, but most of us are by nature more cautious and fearsome of the unknown than men. I love driving and only allowed someone else to drive when I broke my ankle while camping and my niece took over under my supervision to drive the 85 miles home. She did great!

    Have fun, but be safe!!

  12. This blog video is quite scary to watch!
    I understand the trepidation of driving a large vehicle (we have a 34 foot bumper tow trailer). This is inevitable with learning something new and actually taking the RV by the figurative horns. But safety is also imperative when taking on a new task. I jump out of planes for a living, so understand the dynamics of risk management.

    It seems Dawn's risks are careless and reckless. To drive without a seatbelt is quite negligent, regardless of the vehicle one is in. And to have passengers wandering around in the back of a mobile vehicle, especially if they're drinking alcohol is downright scary. School bus drivers, for example, are not allowed to have the distraction of food or drink whilst driving, so as to set up that precedence for those riding in the bus. Different circumstances, same premise.

    Education is key ... learning with an informed co-pilot who sets a good example and helps the driver during the new driver's turn at the wheel is a great way to learn (having the co-pilot tell the driver that when the truck flashes their lights it's ok to move back in to the right lane, is vague at best. Not all TDs use the flashing lights as a signal). Also taking a RV education course beforehand on safe driving is a good start to risk management. Not just for their safety, but for the safety of all those on the road with her!

    Just my own 2 cents worth. :)

  13. new licensing and laws are not the answer either. Education and training by the industry is.

  14. This video is scary! I agree with most of the posts; however, I do belive that motorhomes over, say 24 ft., should require a licensed CDL driver.


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