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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

RVers talk about why they stay overnight at Wal-Mart

In this theatrical trailer about RVers who stay overnight in Wal-Mart parking lots, you meet a half dozen RVers who tell why they do it. We have seen the full-length documentary film this short clip promotes, and think the best parts of it are right here. If you ever wondered why RVers like to "camp" in Wal-Mart parking lots, you'll get your answer here. Length: Two minutes.


  1. recently, we inquired of manager where signs said no onite parking. He said city put them up, if we got ticket, give to him. we parked in rear area, no problem.

  2. Why are so man Walmart parking lots for of trucks/semi's? Everytime we stop, it's so noisy with the trucks running their engines or coolers that we don't want to stay. The trucks are going to ruin this courtesy stop for RV's

  3. I should have typed FULL OF TRUCKS

  4. I would like to find the full length video and watch it. Chuck, can you post a link to it?

    Although I am not crazy about the guy riding an ATV in the parking lot, across thier grass, without a helmet no less, it does seem like an interesting idea for a documentary. Now the guy doing the standard rant about cops catching criminals, well you have to expect that kind of (pardon me sir) but crotchity sounding response from at least one guy in any community. Was it the same guy who rode his ATV across the lawn? Not sure but if so, no wonder he has issues with Law Enforcement, he has little respect for neighbors or other people property, or laws regarding riding off road vehicles in non OHV areas.

    As for Crazy notion's comment about trucks, yea it can get annoying with trucks idling all night, and the truck that runs around sweeping the parking lot always wakes me up, and yet my parking lot is clean in the morning so hey...

    Also activity in the lot means criminals will probably shy away since people are active all night. You can many times choose an area where the trucks may not operate as much since many are just waiting to deliver the next morning they will congregate near the loading dock side of the building, choose an area away from that and you might get a better nights sleep.

    Also trucks idling all night will soon be a thing of the past with the new laws being passed requiring them to not do so, They will have to add small Generators or APU's to run thier heaters and AC just like you do. This should be a bit quieter. Understand they are not nearly as well insulated as your RV, so to maintain a comfortable temp, it is sometimes downright required to run power.

    I Hope the rest of the show is a bit more balanced, but I can see how they want a bit of conflict and drama to spice up the trailer for the film. Just the thoughts of a mobile filmmaker...

    Hope they do well with it.

  5. I was very disturbed by the attitude of the last man who seemed to feel that parking at Wal-mart was a right, not a privilege. This is private property and we are guests.

    Yes, of course we should leave the area cleaner than when we found it. Of course we should be considerate about putting down jacks or extending slides. And we most certainly should shop at Wal-mart while we are there.

    But it's THEIR property, not ours. And the municipalities DO HAVE the right to regulate such things.

    Unfortunately, as in so many situations. The inconsiderate few can ruin it for the rest of us. The complainer in the video just doesn't get it. And the guy on the ATV is a perfect example of why we are being closed out of more and more places.

  6. "Also trucks idling all night will soon be a thing of the past with the new laws being passed requiring them to not do so, They will have to add small Generators or APU's to run thier heaters and AC just like you do. This should be a bit quieter. Understand they are not nearly as well insulated as your RV, so to maintain a comfortable temp, it is sometimes downright required to run power."

    Where did you get this information from? What laws? and in what states?

  7. The atv'rs ruined it for everyone in Ocala National Forest. Dont be surprised when people like the guy you see on here ruin it at walmart for everyone else too.

  8. You missed one other major reason for using Walmart.
    We are traveling workampers and we work at RV, home, boat, ham radio shows and sell products. These shows ususally end in late afternoon or evening and we need to get to a new location within a prescribed time. We REALLY, REALLY appreciate that we can travel for some time into the night and find a good, safe place for some shuteye. There is no RV park that I know of that will allow you to come in and park in the middle of the night. I know we are a minority of RVers but I remember when Walmart started business they catered to RVers. I have educated many Walmart Managers and employees about this little known history of their own employer.

  9. Those who use Wal-Mart as a camp site
    will bring an end for those who stay merchandise...then
    move on the next morning........
    Wal-Mart did not intend to have
    RV's use their lots as a camp site!!


  10. We have stayed at several Walmart's on our travels, but we always call ahead and ask to speak to the manager and ask if it's okay to park there. They always tell us where to park, and then I make a note and tape it to the door window saying "We have permission from the manager to spend the night here. If you have any questions, please call (our cell phone number)." We've never had a problem.
    We always park so the passenger side is by a curb and we do put the bedroom slide out.

  11. Still bothers me some to hear about this Walmart parking, although we no longer have our campground.

    We had a beautiful place, hidden from view, and the state wouldn't allow signs to let people know we were there. It was reasonable, and we loved on the people and were good to everyone.

    When Walmart parking lot had 6 or 8, we might have one camper. We were just trying to make a living.

    Yep. It still bothers me some.

    The video doesn't mention that the main reason people camp there is because it's free.

  12. Many of these people are J-O-B - Just Over Broke. Yes many are retired and in 1994 that fixed pension was great. They purchased their new RV/motorhome and took off to see America. Paid $5-$10 a night to stay in a campground and now in 2009 that fixed pension just can not keep up with todays prices. Do the math. At $35 (adv) a night traveling our great country
    these folks just don't have the money. They are nice people just trying to make it on what they have to spend. As for "Mr. Jerk" and his ATV - others have hit the spot on that guy.

  13. The no parking signs are often required by the city so they can kick out those who try to live on the lot. I've parked in Wal-Mart lots coast to coast and have come across ONE that was absolutely closed to RVers spending the night. And there are others that do not permit overnight parking, of course, mostly near big attractions such as Disneyland as the lot would be full of RVs.

  14. Art says the guy riding atv is wrong to ride on grass but no helemt not requied and for being a off road vehicle mine is street legal with lic and ins.


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