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Monday, March 19, 2007

How NOT to turn a corner with a fifth wheel RV

This fifth wheeling RV family was in the campground headed for their campsite when suddenly, without warning, the back window of their tow vehicle shattered. Glass flew, bloodying the hands of the back seat passenger. It all happened because the driver turned too sharply, butting the front corner of the trailer right through the window. See for yourself. Let this be a lesson to be careful when pulling your own RV.


  1. No, this ain't just a "driver turned too sharply, butting the front corner of the trailer right through the window." It's a clueless RVer with a SHORT BED truck and a standard fifth wheel hitch. You cannot make this mistake with a LONG BED truck.

    Not to mention that a short bed (short wheelbase) truck is not as stable for towing.

    Do it right, or do it this way. Your choice.

  2. Second that. Do it right or don't do it at all. Someone will get hurt. I would also bet the rated trailer weight was to large for the truck but many people ignore that one too. Pulling a large fiver safely is not a matter of just hooking up a trailer and mashing on the gas pedal.

  3. If he had a Pullrite super guide that automatically moves to the rear of truck while turning. I have had one for years can't beat it.

  4. I'm not certain, but it looks like the handle bar of the bicycle was what broke the window through when shoved by the trailer's corner edge?

  5. This old chestnut has been around for years, but is still a good reminder for those who stow gear in the truck bed. SKY is right, the front of the fiver hit the handle bar of the bike, which in turn went through the back window.


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