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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The evolution of Barth Motorhomes

Here's an interesting slide show (with nice music) that shows the history of Barth RVs -- mostly motorhomes after a few early trailer models -- from 1964 through 1998. It's interesting to watch the slow-but-steady progress from the company's early efforts to its latest models, many very luxurious. Length: about six minutes.


  1. very nice...where are those old Barth now?

  2. You can find information on the Barth Custom Coach and RVs at

  3. I find the Barth MCC motorhome the most attractive of any of the Barth motorhomes produced. Sadly, it was only produced for a couple of years, and only 40 were produced.

  4. Hey low .I found a 1978 Barth motor home it has been gutted . Was wondering where I can get pics of originally installed interior .


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