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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Buying a free RV, fixing it, and selling it

Two guys and a gal-pal set out shopping for a cheap motorhome. They find a somewhat ancient Dodge Discoverer, of which they say only 30 were ever made. They have $2,000 to spend, but this one is only $500. But when it doesn't start, they decide to keep on searching. But the price gets dropped to zero. So they haul it away and decide to fix it up with the idea that maybe they can sell it for a few bucks. Here's the story. See them restore it (and discover interesting items tucked away in the motorhome as they do) and find out which TV network they sold it to and for how much. Length: Less than five minutes.

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  1. thanks for the blog about our short. if you haven't checked out our site:

    we appreciate it...
    vern (and jeff)


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