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Monday, February 26, 2007

RVing in 1937 as seen on a movie theater newsreel

Here is a fascinating newsreel clip from 1937 that marvels at the RV lifestyle. Back then RVers were called trailerists. See these RVers on the road and in trailer camps, some of which even included general stores on wheels and, as shown here, a mobile barber shop. And how about the price of a week' stay in an RV park. You won't believe the price!


  1. IN 1937 we were still tenting but I started out married life in a 16 foot Dixie coach in 1949. It was made of masonite, had a sink, icebox, stove, and an electric heater. The sofa in one end and the dinnete in the other end each made a bed. There were a couple of electric lights.
    Rent was 12.00 a month, and it required a tank of propane at 2.00 a month and a 25 pound chunk of ice twice a week in the summer at 25 cents each.
    There were 50 of us in the park in Bremerton Washington, mostly navey enlisted men and families. I pulled my trailer with a 1941 Pontiac convertible. we lived in it for a year after the first baby came and then bought a house.
    Bebop Bill

  2. I have a picture of the trailer my ggfather built himself in the early 1930s. My mother would spend summers going on camping and fishing trips in it. No pix of the inside, sadly, but Mom said it had a pullout zinc tub under the dinette seat. Pulled by a late 1920s Cadillac sedan.


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