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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Harry and Mary visit the Big Tex RV Park

Here’s it is, the worst movie RV movie ever made -- RV Park, The Movie. Watch part 3, where the action is already unfolding. Harry sips a beer, then Stan shows up with Stella and they grab Harry’s wife Mary and they all board a golf cart and beeline to the Chuckwagon Buffet at the Big Tex RV Park. But before that Harry tells Stan how he ran over a water pipe while backing his motorhome into his campsite. At the Chuckwagon Buffet, the ladies talk about basketweaving and Harry and Stan make plans for golf. Later the two couples explore the pool area. Stella tells Mary that sometimes the residents just walk in a circle in the pool to create a very cool whirlpool effect. Video length: Five minutes.

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